Grand Canyon South Rim – worth visiting a couple of times
Monument Valley – an out of this world view
Zion National Park – spectacular views
Royal Hawaiian Hotel Review – my favorite hotel in Oahu
The 5 Best Things I Ate in Hawaii
Camping in Cape Cod
Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Shack – best fried clam roll strip ever
Cape Cod Seafood Shacks – a rundown of the more famous ones
Big John’s Texas BBQ Page Arizona – best meal I had in Page, though that is not saying much
Antelope Canyon Page Arizona
November 2013 Road Trip and Vegas
In-N-Out Burger Las Vegas – why can’t all fast food burgers taste like this?

Impressions of Beijing – it is in your face, no apologies, designed to awe in terms of size and scope
Most Memorable Beijing Food Experiences – my memories of a 2008 trip to Beijing
A Lorcha Macau – best clams I have ever had in a cilantro and white wine broth
Somboon Seafood Bangkok – my favorite seafood restaurant in Bangkok
Marina Bay Sands Singapore – the big ship in the sky
Singapore’s Tastiest – my favorite fried shrimp: cereal prawns!

Arenal National Park – paradise for the adventure seekers

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