Antelope Canyon Page AZ Review

The National Geographic Magazine made Antelope Canyon famous. But does Antelope Canyon live up to the hype? No, not for me. Reasons why: (1) You must be accompanied by a guide in order to view the canyon. And though the tour time states 90 … [Continue reading]

Joyous One 迎 – Best All Around Dimsum in Hong Kong

It took nearly a year of trying out all the different dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong to find the best balance of food, atmosphere, service, and price point. How I wished that I discovered Joyous One earlier! Food wise: Joyous One has one of the … [Continue reading]

Lung King Heen Hong Kong 龍景軒

I came here with my husband, G for my 30th birthday lunch. When I made my reservation, I had the receptionist email me their menu so that I can preorder my dishes. In many higher end Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, if you do not pre-order certain … [Continue reading]

Monument Valley and The View Hotel

It could be the butte's or perhaps it was the cloud formations. But there was something about Monument Valley that took my breath away. It's not just the view, but the spiritualness of the place. A feeling unlike any other that I have experienced. … [Continue reading]

Carve Sandwiches NYC

Pretty much everyone in my family dislikes turkey. Le sigh. In order to get my turkey fix, I head towards Carve Sandwiches in Times Square and order their signature Thanksgiving on a Roll sandwich. Filled with juicy rotisserie turkey, apple stuffing, … [Continue reading]

Mak’s Noodle Hong Kong 麥奀雲吞麵世家

Since Mak's Noodles and Tsim Chai Kee are directly across the street from each other in the Central District of Hong Kong, there is a lot of debate on which one to visit. My answer would be both if you are really curious, but without a doubt Mak's … [Continue reading]

Loaf On Sai Kung 六福菜館

When my parents requested a high quality seafood lunch during one their visits to Hong Kong, I brought them to Loaf On in Sai Kung. Loaf On is the first restaurant in Sai Kung to receive a Michelin star, and rightly so. Loaf On is famous for their … [Continue reading]

Lei Garden Hong Kong 利苑

Lei Garden is an upscale Cantonese restaurant chain with many locations in Asia. G and I ate at there quite often when we lived in Hong Kong because we loved Lei Garden's steamed egg whites with fresh shrimp and fresh crab. There is nothing quite … [Continue reading]