My husband is a hoarder. He will always be a hoarder.


I hate to end 2013 on a negative note as I try to write mostly positive posts on this blog. However, I feel that I needed to write this so that I will never forgot the lesson I learned regarding my marriage this year. My husband is a hoarder. He … [Continue reading]

The Big Ship in the Sky: Marina Bay Sands


What surprised me the most about Singapore was the lack of crowds. My parents and I were in Singapore for a long weekend towards the end of April 2012. During that time, we did not feel crowded at all even though we did all the touristy stuff. Case … [Continue reading]

Ding Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 Hong Kong


Ding Tai Fung is probably the most famous brand known around the world for their xiao long bao aka soup buns/dumplings. What makes visitors queue up for Ding Tai Fung in Hong Kong is the clean atmosphere and the great service. Ding Tai Fung Causeway … [Continue reading]

Gourmet Burger Union Hong Kong


I was never really a fan of burgers until the Double Truffle Burger at Gourmet Burger Union. 100% Grass fed New Zealand Angus Beef with truffle cream, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and rocket arugula on a toasted sesame bun. It is the best … [Continue reading]

Antelope Canyon Page AZ Review


The National Geographic Magazine made Antelope Canyon famous. But does Antelope Canyon live up to the hype? No, not for me. Reasons why: (1) You must be accompanied by a guide in order to view the canyon. And though the tour time states 90 … [Continue reading]

Joyous One 迎 – Best All Around Dimsum in Hong Kong


It took nearly a year of trying out all the different dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong to find the best balance of food, atmosphere, service, and price point. How I wished that I discovered Joyous One earlier! Food wise: Joyous One has one of the … [Continue reading]

Simple Strawberry Preserves Recipe


I was never a jam or jelly fan until I tried the strawberry compote at Kona Cafe at Disney World. I loved the fact that the compote was slightly runny and had a hint of sourness to it. You could also taste the freshness. I have been thinking about … [Continue reading]

Lung King Heen Hong Kong 龍景軒


I came here with my husband, G for my 30th birthday lunch. When I made my reservation, I had the receptionist email me their menu so that I can preorder my dishes. In many higher end Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, if you do not pre-order certain … [Continue reading]