Daisy May’s BBQ USA


My husband, G loves this place. So much so that we came here a day after he had an operation to correct his deviated septum. It was a funny to watch him trying to dig into the ribs with his nose covered up in bandages. I would post a picture but I … [Continue reading]

Fraiser: My Favorite TV Series of All Time


Growing up in an immigrant household, I did not have many chances at watching American TV. My parents hid the remote when they were not home to force me to concentrate on my homework. And when they did watch TV, it would always be Chinese/Korean … [Continue reading]

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap: A Must Have


It was not until my husband and I moved to Hong Kong that my skin grew extremely sensitive to all types of body washes. I had used Dove, Neutrogena, and the like with no problems for most of my life with no problems. Within the first month of living … [Continue reading]

Grand Sichuan Eastern Midtown East


The best dish at Grand Sichuan Eastern is a dish named "mouth watering chicken." It is freshly poached deboned chicken smothered in a spicy, peanuty sauce that is out of this world. This is the standard that I measure all "mouth watering chickens" … [Continue reading]

IZZE: The Tastiest Sparkling Juice Out There


From my first sip of IZZE sparkling grapefruit, I was hooked. And then I read the ingredient list and was even more impressed. It really was almost too good to be true. However the only place that sold it was Chipotle. At $3 a bottle it was getting … [Continue reading]

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong


One of the things that is a must do when visiting Hong Kong is afternoon tea. With some many hotels/restaurants/pastry shops all offering their each individual take on afternoon tea, it is a tough decision to make. During Cindy & Wenting's (my … [Continue reading]

Ayada Thai


There are many Thai restaurants in NYC that are pretty tasty. What differentiates Ayada Thai from the rest is their fried whole red snappers. Ayada's fried whole fish are just as good as the ones I have had in Bangkok. … [Continue reading]

A Lorcha Macau


The clams served at A Lorcha are not the North American hardshell clams that prevalent in the US. Rather they are small, roughly the size of a nickel with more breakable shells. Taste wise, they are sweeter with no hint of sand. A Lorcha serves these … [Continue reading]

A Fun Filled Day at Ocean Park Hong Kong


Ocean Park's biggest attraction: Pandas! I never knew what the big deal about pandas were until I saw them in person. Adorable does not begin to describe these big cuddly bears. They seem docile, which makes you forget the fact that they can … [Continue reading]

A Scrumptious Crab Meat Deviled Eggs Recipe


This is an easy peasy dish with an impressive sounding name. This is personal recipe of mine that I have tweaked over the years. I often bring it to potlucks because it is simple to make and a crowd pleaser to boot. Yields: 24 servings, Hands on … [Continue reading]