A Lorcha Macau


The clams served at A Lorcha are not the North American hardshell clams that prevalent in the US. Rather they are small, roughly the size of a nickel with more breakable shells. Taste wise, they are sweeter with no hint of sand. A Lorcha serves these … [Continue reading]

A Fun Filled Day at Ocean Park Hong Kong


Ocean Park's biggest attraction: Pandas! I never knew what the big deal about pandas were until I saw them in person. Adorable does not begin to describe these big cuddly bears. They seem docile, which makes you forget the fact that they can … [Continue reading]

A Scrumptious Crab Meat Deviled Eggs Recipe


This is an easy peasy dish with an impressive sounding name. This is personal recipe of mine that I have tweaked over the years. I often bring it to potlucks because it is simple to make and a crowd pleaser to boot. Yields: 24 servings, Hands on … [Continue reading]

Eleven Madison Park NYC


Eleven Madison Park takes extraordinary care in the presentation of their dishes. More so than any other restaurant that I have ever been to. Best looking foie gras I have ever seen. Best looking langoustine wrapped with avocado I have ever … [Continue reading]

The Best Congee in Hong Kong: Wong Chi Kee 黃枝記


There are precious little areas I consider myself an expert in, but congee connoisseur is among the few. It is my favorite breakfast food, go-to comfort food, and I make it regularly at home. I started loving congee when I tried Cantonese style … [Continue reading]

Shake Shack New York


Shake Shack is known for their Shack Stacks. A Shack Stack is basically a cheeseburger combined with a fried portobello mushroom that is stuffed with cheese and the usual burger fixings. However, the wait at the Madison Square Park and Times … [Continue reading]

My Wedding at Vanderbilt Mansion at Dowling


During wedding planning, I agonized over each and every decision. Still I ended up regretting a number of them. But one thing that I do not regret is my wedding venue. I fell in love with my venue the first time I saw it. My husband G, felt the same … [Continue reading]

Per Se NYC


If I had money to burn, I would eat here on a monthly basis. My husband and I chose to celebrate our first wedding anniversary at Per Se. It was an eye opening experience for both of us. New York is home to several 3 Star Michelin restaurants, but … [Continue reading]

Australia Dairy Company Hong Kong


Australia Dairy Company is a humble tea cafe style eatery in Hong Kong that serves the best scrambled eggs that I have ever tasted. They are fluffy, airy, and perfectly seasoned. If you love Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs, you will love the eggs at … [Continue reading]

Cabana Forest Hills


I head for Cabana whenever the craving for Cuban food hits. I always order the following: Churrasco Lunch Special with extra red onions, yellow rice and black beans, salad A side order of maduros White sangria This has been my regular order since … [Continue reading]