Hong Kong

Australia Diary Company – best scrambled eggs ever.
Cafe Landmark – best roasted lobster and linguine in cream sauce. Skip everything else especially their afternoon tea set.
Cafe Grey Deluxe – best place get drinks pre or after dinner, call to reserve a booth for a great view of the HK skyline.
California Vintage – my favorite grilled cheese and tomato soup ever.
Caprice Hong Kong – top notch French with very a beautiful view of the HK harbor.
Clipper Lounge – they offer a top quality lunch buffet and afternoon tea buffet.
Crystal Jade Hong Kong – Singaporean chain restaurant serving the best pork soup dumplings aka xiao long bao I have tasted.
Crystal Lotus – Disney character dim sum need I say more? Reservations are a must and must also reserve the dim sum dish itself when making said reservation.
Ding Tai Fung Hong Kong – clean, reasonably good tasting Taiwanese chain restaurant featuring Shanghainese cuisine and xiao long bao with massive lines unless you go during off hours or weekday lunch. Not a huge fan of Ding Tai Fung’s soup dumplings though they are pretty good, just not great.
Fook Lam Moon – classic Cantonese restaurant that is renowned for their roast suckling pig.
For Kee – best pork chop over rice in HK in very crowded surroundings and lousy service.
Four Seasons Hong Kong – my favorite afternoon tea set in HK with the best scones in HK.
Gourmet Burger Union Hong Kong – their truffle burger is still my favorite after all this time.
Joyous One Hong Kong – my pick for best all around dimsum in Hong Kong factoring taste, price, environment, and location.
Kau Kee – lines out the door for their beef noodles. Yes it is good but it also has lots of msg and their noodles are very average.
Kei Kee Dessert aka BZai Liang Fen – A Yuen Long staple with old-style Cantonese desserts and a host of new ones.
Lei Garden Causeway Bay – steamed egg whites with shrimp, roast pork, are my two must order dishes here.
Loaf On – fresh seafood done right.
Lung King Heen – reasonably priced for 3 Michelin Star dining.
Mak’s Noodles – best wonton noodle soup in Hong Kong.
Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop – extremely tasty almond croissant, wished they made pistachio croissants.
Man Wah at the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental – great food with great service, need to beef up their decor.
Ming Court – top of the top Cantonese Cuisine with a modern twist. Recommend their wagyu beef and special fried rice, and braised supreme bird’s nest.
The Peninsula – Visited twice once as VIP and once as nobody for their afternoon tea set. As a VIP, no wait, amazing food and met the chef. As a nobody waited 30 minutes on line for mediocre food. Your call if you want to spend the money and time on line.
The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong – amazing bird-eye’s view of Hong Kong, food is meh.
Sevva – you can order a freshly made mini cake, I loved the Le Louis which is a chocolate chiffon with a blackberry and blueberry filling with a blue cotton candy as a topper. Also great place to grab drinks, recommend “Sex and the City Sangria.” But what I like best about Sevva is their decor, choice of patio, living wall, etc.
Tai Cheong Egg Tarts – my second favorite egg tarts in the world.
Tai Ping Koon – “western” style food from the old Hong Kong.
Tsui Wah Hong Kong – where I get their classic HK breakfast set B every so often.
Underbridge Spicy Crab – good but expensive, worth trying once. I loved it the first time, liked it the second time, and felt meh about it the third time.
Wong Chi Kee – best crab congee ever.
Yardbird Hong Kong – incredible Japanese yakitori joint serving corn tempura balls, korean fried cauliflower, fresh clams
Yee Shun Milk Company – best double-boiled milk dessert

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