Besides my husband(G), family, and friends, I have three great loves:

I love traveling. I get in about a month of travel every year since 2004. I was a completely different person prior to traveling. Through traveling I gained knowledge, humility, and most especially an appreciation for life.

I love books. I am a speed reader and I try to absorb as many books as I can. Most days I spend at least 4-5 hours reading. I read both English and Chinese fluently. This is also my longest love as I fell in love with reading when I was eleven years old and remained in love since.

I love food. I remember I used to hate trying new foods and I especially hated fish. Years later I love both. I also love to cook but only healthy foods as I try to maintain a balance between eating out and keeping my body in optimum condition.

Kelly | thehungryegghead@gmail.com

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