Somboon Seafood Bangkok

Bangkok is one of my favorite cities. I have visited twice and only for 10 days total but during that time I fell in love with the food. I don’t recall having a bad meal in Bangkok or Phuket or Pattaya for that matter. To me Thailand represents delicious food. So much so that my most memorable dining experience of all time was at the Taling Chan Floating Market. Another great meal that sticks out is Somboon Seafood Bangkok.

Somboon Seafood is a well known and highly regarded seafood restaurant with several locations scattered across Bangkok. But because it is so famous, there are several fake Somboon restaurants located in close proximity to the real Somboon. If you ask a cab driver to take you to Somboon Seafood, chances are high that they will take you to a fake Somboon because the driver receives a commission from the proprietor of the fake Somboon for bringing you there. My tip for spotting the differences: the prices. Curry crab at the real Somboon is around $10USD – $20USD, Curry crab at the fake Somboon $50USD-$100USD or even higher! There are quite a few negative reviews of Somboon Seafood across the web, but I wonder how many reviewers actually ate at a real Somboon versus the fake ones.


G and I ordered: (1) Curry crab (2) Crab vermicelli (3) Grilled Cockles (4) Crabmeat fried rice (5) Stir fried morning-glory (2) 2 Cokes. Total cost $40USD including tip. Easily one of the cheapest and best tasting meals we ever had. To circumvent the fake Somboon restaurants, I picked the Somboon branch that was located inside the Chamchuri Square mall. So when I gave the taxi driver directions I only told him to take us to the mall and not the restaurant.


Crab with vermicelli. Amazingly enough, it was the vermicelli that was the star. It absorbed all the flavors of the crab, cilantro, and garlic. Since G hates cilantro, I pretty much finished this entire dish myself while he focused on the curry crab.  A perfect 10/10 for taste for me at least.


Grilled cockles. It was my first time eating cockles and they tasted like clams. These were especially good after dipping them in the house green sauce. 8/10 for taste.


The decor was nice and clean and had A/C. After our big lunch, G and I took a stroll inside the mall which contained shops where the locals shopped and nothing like Siam Paragon or CentralWorld.

If you love seafood, I highly recommend a meal at Somboon.

Location of Somboon Seafood: Several branches in Bangkok, the one we ate was at: Room 101-103 Ground Floor, Phya Thai Road, Chamchuri Square. Sam Yam branch in Bangkok