Random Ramblings February

One of my biggest fears is gaining weight. It’s always been drummed into my head by my dad that because I am so short, I can’t afford the extra weight on my frame. I have never been anorexic or bulimic but for a period of two years when I was 16-17, I only ate one meal a day. The one meal a day diet worked incredibly well for me in satisfying my appetite for food and remaining thin at the same time. I would eat around 5pm and eat anything I wanted and not eat again until the following day at 5pm. I gave that diet up when I went off to college and never went back on it due to work schedules.

Not that I am considering going back on it now as I know it is not sustainable for the long term. I also love food too much to eat only one meal a day. In all honestly my metabolism is on the fast side because I eat the same amount of food as my husband and am still well within the range of normal weight. But I am scared all the time that my appetite will get out of control. Sometimes for a week or even a month I just lose it and go on a food rampage. This usually happens in the winter. I am beginning to feel an oncoming one. For example this is what I ate today:

(1) 1 brownie & half cup of milk
(2) 24 ounces of beef tomato stew & a fried egg and pork floss sandwich
(3) 1 ear of sweet corn
(4) 48 ounces of beef tomato stew; 1 full bowl of rice with curry cauliflower, onions, peppers
(5) 1/2 bag of Shin instant noodles split with husband
(6) 2 pieces of pomelo and 1 persimmon

That is nearly 2900 calories worth of food. I should only be eating around 1,800 worth of calories according to my height. I am only five feet tall.

I wished that I took after my mom’s side of the family when it comes to food. None of them care too much for it and it shows in their weight. My mom at 5’4 and 120 pounds is the fattest one in her family of 7.  Instead, I take after my dad and his relatives. My dad who is a vegetarian but still reads food blogs, restaurant reviews, and recipes for non-vegetarian dishes. My paternal grandmother who died because she ate so much fatty foods during her life time that her arteries and veins were completely clogged up.

It doesn’t help that my husband does not encourage me to eat healthier. As much as I try to banish potato chips, chocolate, cake, ice-cream, and what not, he wears down my resistance by asking for those items ALL the time. On top of it he loves to eat out always craving a different variety of food items.

But I want to be healthier and have more energy. I want to only eat enough at every meal so that I am only 75% full. I do not want to overwork my internal organs. This does not mean that I will give up good tasting food or unhealthy foods. Rather I hope to eat 1 healthy meal a day and 1 unhealthy meal a day. And F*** breakfast. I know many say that eating breakfast will cause you to eat less foods later on in the day but that does not work for everyone and especially not me. I am not even hungry in the first three hours of waking up. And the year that I ate breakfast every day even though I wasn’t hungry caused me to gain 6 pounds which then took me nearly 3 years to lose it.


  1. Maybe you are bored. You need a glamourous job that overworks you like in fashion or a magazine or some kind of lifestyle blog (curbed, eater and rack are always hiring). You will be so busy running around and being good at your job, that you won’t have time to snack and you will disdain that puff pastry that has been sitting behind the sneeze guard for hours. I always noticed this about girls who got a great job even if it didn’t pay too well and I looked forward to it happening to me but then my dad was killed and my life changed so I never got to do it but I believe that that life is out there. Kind of like the normal employment version of Angelina Jolie getting paid to do acrobats for Tomb Raider.

    Maybe you can do research for a bilingual guidebook (companion for your novel) about New York. It might be worth buying for a lot of young Chinese girls who like shopping and New York and will appreciate an intimate tone about the current retail available throughout the five boroughs.

    • Maybe if you moved to Manhattan near a farmer’s market or lived on the fifth floor of a walkup building, it would help. You wouldn’t notice and you would be too busy to eat.

      • thehungryegghead says:

        No I would never live in Manhattan again because of the noise. It’s the cold that always makes me feel hungry. I wasn’t like this in Hong Kong.

    • thehungryegghead says:

      I am glad you think that I am glamorous enough to work for in the fashion industry. The truth is that I am not fashionable enough. Among my friends I am probably somewhere in the middle when it comes to being fashionable. Besides I don’t like shopping more than once or twice a year. And I never accessorize.

      I am sorry to hear about your dad.

  2. I have to constantly watch my weight. I lost about 70lbs when I was in my late twenties and it keeps trying to creep up on me. I exercise everyday and even if I eat one wrong meal, it shows up very prominently on me. I never used to eat breakfast either but after starting my day with oatmeal (Walnits, blueberries), it keeps me full for a few hours and I am all energized to start my day with an hour long cardio class.

    But .. I find it hard to believe you ate 28oz and 48oz of Beef stew in one day..????
    I can eat a lot but I think eating all that will explode me! :)

    • thehungryegghead says:

      48oz of my very own beef tomato stew is normal for me. It’s my very favorite soup in the world. Back when I was in my late teens and early twenties, 72oz or even 96oz was normal.

      There are 3 things that never fill me and that I try to stay away from:

      (1) Non-bean based soup – I seem to have amazing stomach space for soup, especially clam chowder, crab corn bisque, hot & sour, and not to mention beef tomato stew. Down 24oz of each easily with no problem but no more as they are cream based. I can only do 48 ounces of hot & sour and beef tomato stew.
      (2) Sandwiches – My record is 4, 5″ sandwiches. I can stuff myself with sandwiches and then feel hungry an hour or at most 2 hours later.
      (3) Salad – Never liked salad enough to try for a record but 1 Chopt’d steakhouse salad with Russian Bacon dressing is not enough for a meal for me. That’s 575 empty calories for me which I stay away from even though I love it.

      Oh and I stay away from baked goods like crazy. 1 slice of cake or 1 donut or 1 muffin = 1 pound for me. Sounds illogical but true!

      • It actually sounds delicious. I enjoying cooking and perhaps when you get a chance you post the beef stew recipe in the recipe section of your blog. Thanks!