Odds & Ends: Yogurt Guacamole, Valentine’s Day, Hong Kong Malls

Yogurt Guacamole: I went to Costco today to pick up a pack of Tony Roma’s ribs because I lost a bet to G. I would never let him have the stuff otherwise because it is so bad for you. Ever read the ingredient label on those ribs? But a bet is a bet. I had problems finding it but I continued on, circling the refrigerated and frozen section several times. Because I knew that G would accuse me of trying to wriggling out of it by claiming that I couldn’t find it especially since he offered to go to Costco with me and I said no. While searching for the ribs I found this:

Costco Greek Yogurt Guacamole Review

I checked their ingredient label which isn’t too bad for packaged foods and promptly purchased it along with the ribs that I finally located. Got home and immediately opened it up and took a spoonful. I was shocked to discover that it was tart! I immediately checked the expiration date. It was fine and then reread the packaging only to discover it said GREEK YOGURT GUACAMOLE instead of just guacamole. I can’t believe I missed that. Now that I knew the sour taste was not due to it the guacamole being spoiled, I took several more spoonfuls and was pleased to discover that I like it. Not as good as the guacamole I make myself or that of restaurants. But better than Wholly Guacamole and Sabra Guacamole.  The greek yogurt adds a new dimension to the guacamole which is a welcome addition for those that like a bit of tartness in their foods.

Valentine’s Day: Reading Vicky’s post reminded me that this Friday is Valentine’s Day. G and I don’t celebrate it, or rather I insist we don’t celebrate it because I find it a commercial holiday. As soon as I mentioned Valentine’s Day, G responded with Peter Luger’s? G welcomes any excuse for a nice meal out. While I am huge on birthdays and anniversaries, Valentine’s day just doesn’t do it for me. The only time I kinda wanted to celebrate it was in Hong Kong where everyone was so into it. Walking around Central district and the IFC mall, I was shocked to see all that most of the flower shops were sold out. Not that the flower stores were empty but that every single bouquet was reserved with name tags taped onto the cellophane wrapping. The bouquets were so elaborate and some so creative and I wanted to buy one too. Much fancier than the typical dozen or two dozen roses that is so common in the US. Of course those bouquets came with an equally impressive price tag, most were in the range of  $80-$200USD.

IFC Mall baby woolly mammoth exhibit - I Love Lyuba

Hong Kong Malls: Reading bluebalu’s post reminds me of how much I miss the malls in Hong Kong. They almost always have interesting exhibits going on. Especially the higher end ones. Some of the more memorable ones: (1) IFC – Baby Wolly Mammoth Exhibit (2) IFC – Architectural Models of Innovative buildings around the world (3) Harbour City – 100 years before the birth of Doraemon Exhibit (4) Times Square – Journey to the West featuring Obama’s face on the Monkey King (5) Times Square – Larger than Life Barbie Dollhouse Exhibit. In addition malls are always changing the decor to match the upcoming holiday. And with Hong Kong celebrating both Eastern and Western holidays, it is always a treat for the eyes.

Times Square Mall Hong Kong

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  1. the little boy fixing his bowtie in the mirror in the Wake Up Everybody music video looks like a Taiwanese aborigine American professor I know.

    Thanks for posting the Obama monkey king which I wanted to see immediately when I read your post but then I really wanted to see the dream house when I read that further on in the same post.

    • thehungryegghead says:

      The Obama monkey king was shocking to me as I didn’t expect to see him as the monkey key nor the donkey from Shrek as the horse. I couldn’t figure out who the monk, pig, and sand king were as they did not resemble anyone I could think of.