Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year Fair

Prior to living in Hong Kong, I never minded crowds. After all I lived in NYC most of my life. It wasn’t until that I was faced with so many people day in and day out in Hong Kong that I started longing for open spaces. The turning point was probably the 2013 Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park. I had never been in such an ocean of people before.

Hong Kong's Lunar New Year Fair

This was only at the entrance. The crowds only got denser as one walked in further. Even though I wanted to exit at this point, the crowd just pushed me along. The Lunar New Year Fair is held annually at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay over a period of several days selling all sorts of Chinese New Year paraphernalia and more. From auspicious flowers to decorations to toys to food and even toilet paper!

Hong Kong's Lunar New Year Fair
This was somewhere inside the fair where I turned around to snap a picture. I have no clue how people even manage to shop in such crowded conditions. At this point I was just looking for a way to exit.

Hong Kong's Lunar New Year Fair
But I ran into a mob of cameras following this guy and his wife. I was right next to them and could have had G take my picture with them. But I had no idea who they were I told G not to bother and only snapped a picture of them instead. It was only afterwards that I realized that it was CY Leung, the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong and his wife. Though when this picture was taken, CY Leung was still campaigning for the position. And really, he wasn’t supposed to win rather Henry Tang was chosen to take over from Donald Tsang. But Henry Tang was outed for misreporting the square footage of his basement which caused the locals to be up in arms over it and led to his losing the “election”. It came as a shock to me that the locals were fine with Henry Tang openly having a mistress and a second family, but once they found out he lied about the size of his house they all cursed him out. But then again square footage is of utmost importance to the locals, while having a second family is something that is quite common in Hong Kong.

After about another 15 minutes, G and I were able to locate an exit and quickly walked away from the crowds. I had been hoping to buy something festive but instead had a mini melt down and shook hands with CY Leung.


  1. That looks like torture. I can’t imagine that being fun unless you are seven feet tall or a vendor – it also doesn’t sound like nice special things were for sale – but how could you see if there was anything?

    CY Leung looks like an anti-corruption cop from one of To Kei Fung’s Infernal Affairs movies. He has that Hong Kong face – look at that jawline!

    • thehungryegghead says:

      Do you know the rent for the stands? I heard it was something like $6000 USD for a small stand for only a couple of days!