10 Of My Most Memorable Dining Experiences

I love good food and constantly seek out new tastes and experiences. My motto when it comes to food is that I will try anything once. Sometimes it works out great, other times not so much. My most recent fail was veal brains at M. Wells Dinette which got me thinking about memorable dining experiences. I have had quite a few memorable ones over the years but the 10 below are the ones that stood out the most to me.

Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok

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California Vintage Hong Kong


I still remember the first grilled cheese sandwich I ever had. Overly processed American cheese between two slices of high fructose corn syrup Wonder Bread. And because of that one bad experience, I stayed away from eating cheese for years. What can … [Continue reading]

Hunan House Flushing

photo 4

When Hunan House first opened several years ago, I went there every month. But since moving back from Hong Kong, I have not been back because my favorite Sichuan restaurant is a lot closer to the parking lot. Very lazy of me but in my defense the … [Continue reading]

China TV Series: Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2010 – My Review


Question: Could this be the best historical TV series that China has ever produced so far? Answer: Yes! Question: How good is it? Answer: So good that it the entire 95 episode series is hardsubbed into English by Jianghu. As fantastic as … [Continue reading]

The 5 Best Things I Ate in Hawaii


Iyasume Musubi: A Musubi is basically a sandwich with rice instead of bread. Normally I would not recommend anything with SPAM in it but the SPAM, egg, and bacon musubi at Iyasume’s was incredible explosion of flavors. So delicious that I went back … [Continue reading]

In-N-Out Burger Review


I didn't eat many burgers growing up. My dad's motto was why eat a burger when you can eat a steak? But really there is something to be said about a burger done right, especially with a side of perfectly fried fries and an ice-cold Coke. This is … [Continue reading]

It’s Been 5 Years Since My Last Job

Time flies doesn't it? When I quit my job 5 years ago, I didn't think that I would stop working forever. I just thought I would take some time off to find myself and discover what it is I truly want in life. But I didn't find myself the first year, I … [Continue reading]

Crystal Jade Hong Kong


Crystal Jade is my favorite xiao long bao restaurant in Hong Kong. Better than the Ding Tai Fungs, Wang Jia Shas, Nan Xiao Guo's, and various other Shanghainese restaurants in town. I love the thinness of their xiao long bao skin, the freshness of … [Continue reading]

Odds & Ends: Declining Quality of Restaurants


For the past year, there has been a noticeable decline in quality at some of my favorite restaurants. The food is no longer as fresh, the portions are no longer as big. I am not referring to the high end restaurants but to the moderately priced … [Continue reading]

Odds & Ends: Boardgaming

I have been a bit stressed lately with my dad's and M-I-L's health problems. Nothing seemed to bring me out of my funk until today. My dear friend tofu cleared time from his super busy schedule to bring over some new boardgames he thought G and I … [Continue reading]

Mr. Money Mustache : Think Deeply about the true recipe for a good life

I do not always see eye to eye with Mr. Money Mustache (i.e. keeping the house at 65 degrees to save on heating bills in the winter & riding a bike everywhere to save gas) but his latest post really hit it home for me. See his post … [Continue reading]