Best Performances of Voice of China Season 4

The number of talented people they are showcasing on Voice of China Season 4 is incredible. Many of the contestants can sing English in addition to Chinese. And not the cringe inducing kind of English but very decent English and some even perfect.

My favorite for this Season is definitely R&B, Rapper, Queen T 陈梓童. A 25-year-old who can rap, ring, and dance extremely well. She remixed Jay Chou’s 双截棍 (Knunchuks) and made it amazing. You can listen to her version. Or you can listen to the Jay Chou version at your own risk because it is terrible. I say this even though I think Jay Chou is highly talented but he has had some truly terrible songs.

Another favorite of mine is Ika Zhao 赵大格 who remixed All About That Bass and我在人民广场吃炸鸡(I am at People’s Square eating fried chicken). Cannot find a clip. Can someone help?

But my favorite performance of the season so far goes to Gin Lee and 張暘 who did an alternate version of Jay Chou’s 紅塵客棧 with a Peking Opera flair. Listen to their version here. I think their version is also better than Jay Chou’s original.

The winner of Voice of China Season 4, though will probably be the supremely talented 16-year-old ballad singer 黄霄雲 who is hails from one of China’s poorest provinces and is currently attending The China Conservatory of Music. Listen to her audition here.

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