A Jackson Heights Food Tour

Where else can you eat authentic Columbian, Mexican, Himalayan, and Thai within a 4 block radius?

Two weeks ago, G and I did a food tour with M aka Chef Kimchi. Our first stop was Arepa Lady 2, where the famous arepa lady opened a brick and mortar store instead of operating out a food cart.


So so good that I regretted ordering just one arepa de queso to share between the three of us. No worries as I have been back twice since then and even took my parents and they loved it as well. The servers are also extremely friendly and despite it being a tiny place, they have a bathroom. I have had many arepas before but none that beats this. Salty, sweet, with lots of cheese and butter. If you dine in, there are 6 other dipping sauces to enhance your arepa. But I prefer it just the way it is.

Our next stop was Taqueria Coatzingo. I have been to their other branches but the 7605 Roosevelt Ave Branch remains my favorite. My typical order is one taco al pastor, a bowl of mole de olla, and a guanabanana shake to cut the spice.

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Understanding What Makes You Happy


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How My Dysfunctional Relationship With My Father Turned Functional

My Parents

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HK Tycoon’s Canteen aka Fook Lam Moon 福臨門


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Homestyle Chinese Cooking


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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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Smorgasburg 2014 at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5

photo 2-2

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Cape Cod Seafood Shacks Review

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Man Wah at the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental


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