Monday Musing 2/23/2015

I love food.

But the pursuit of delicious food takes a huge amount of time. Whether it is the travel time plus waiting time to get your food at a restaurant. To food shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning after a home cooked meal. Good food takes time.

Is it worth it? Not anymore.

Back when I had no goals or plans, food took center stage in my life. In return my palate grew fussier and my standards grew higher. I didn’t necessarily grow happier, instead I had more demands and requirements for food.

Maybe it is because I just finished Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But with my home organized I wanted to tackle another area of my life that I am unhappy with. As much as my taste buds loved what I am eating, my body did not. I would often feel lethargic after a meal especially after eating non home made foods.

But cooking at home did not bring so much pleasure either. It consumes a lot of time and energy that I should be pouring into my book and learnings. If I already accomplished my goals, then I wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours each day on cooking. As it is right now, I resent it because it is a huge time and energy hog.

New plan of attack. From this point on, G and I will strive to eat simple healthy meals for most of the week. G will get to pick one meal and eat whatever he wants for that meal. I get one choice as well. I will document my progress on next week’s Monday Musing to chart my progress. I will also be documenting how much time I spent working on my book and learning simplified Chinese characters.

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