Blogging Break

Writing this to note that this is a planned break and not because I lost interest in blogging.

Hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later. Perhaps fall? Maybe winter. But certainly by next spring.

Future Plans: A House


G and I are in contract for a house. If the inspection goes well then we will be fully moved in by August. If not then the search continues. I am worried about the inspection. The house is at the very top of our budget and therefore we have … [Continue reading]

Monday Musings: My Friend P

I consider P my closest friend. In some ways P understands me better than my husband G. Whenever I am faced with any type of trouble that G can’t help me with, I go running to P. Talking with P always makes me feel better because he is able to … [Continue reading]

Meals 3/16-3/22

I am scared to weigh myself this week so no updates on that regard. I will assume that I am 5-8lbs over my ideal weight. I ate out too much this week. Not only that I stuffed myself from leftovers that my Uncle Yan gave me. Seven full sized portions … [Continue reading]

Meals 3/09-3/15

I have gained 2lbs! I blame it on eating out twice this week plus eating at my Uncle Yan's. He spends so much effort cooking that I would be terribly rude not to eat. And even though G and I both stuffed ourselves, he complains that we have eaten … [Continue reading]

Monday Musings 3/16/2015: Gut Renovations, Granite Countertops, Spa Bathrooms, & Stainless Steel Appliances

I did the the gut renovation dance 5 times. My ex-boyfriend's, my parent's old apartment (the one G and I currently live in), G and I's apartment (we sold it when we moved to HK), G's parent's apartment, and my parent's new apartment. All were … [Continue reading]

Changing of The Seasons


This has been a brutally cold winter. And yet so very beautiful with all the snow. I complain about the cold often and wear two pairs of pants consistently in the wintertime. However, I could never imagine myself living longterm in a place without … [Continue reading]

Monday Musings: I Don’t Like Owning Things

I own very little things. All my personal possessions can comfortably fit in a mini-van. And I have zero desire to own more. I know and understand that the dream for many is home ownership. But it is not mine because it signifies duty and … [Continue reading]

Monday Musings 3/2/2015: Cooking and Meal Plan

Food. I spend so much time on it. Eating, cooking, writing, and thinking about it. I have developed a very picky palate over the years and it is hard for me to eat simply. I remember watching a friend cook up four turkey patties one night and state … [Continue reading]

Monday Musing 2/23/2015: My Love of Food

I love food. But the pursuit of delicious food takes a huge amount of time. Whether it is the travel time plus waiting time to get your food at a restaurant. To food shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning after a home cooked meal. Good food … [Continue reading]