Not Owning A TV

A lot of friends and even family are surprised that G and I do not own a TV. The last time we had one was in Hong Kong, where it sat untouched 95% of the time. Therefore when we moved back to the US in Oct 2012, I declared no more TV.

I don’t miss it at all, though I know G misses it from time to time. To be fair, I had never been big on TV while G was a TV fanatic. But even he admits that not having a TV makes one more productive.

Did you know that an average American watches nearly 5 hours of TV a day?! That is a crazy waste of time. G used to say that he needs to watch TV in order to relax and for years I bought into it. Now I just tell him that he needs to find another away to relax.

Not that I am not completely against TVs. For me it is about moderation. An hour a day is fine or maybe even two if one is retired but anything more than that is a bit much. I limit myself to 200 hours a year watching TV shows and movies but no more.

In the future when we get our own place, I won’t be buying a TV either. #1 I am afraid that G will get back into the habit. #2 I think decorating a living room or bedroom around a TV is not aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally ever since I gave up watching TV in 2009, I have become a happier person. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

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