Monday Musings: My Friend P

I consider P my closest friend. In some ways P understands me better than my husband G.

Whenever I am faced with any type of trouble that G can’t help me with, I go running to P. Talking with P always makes me feel better because he is able to get to the core of what is bothering me and gives me options on how to get myself out of it. Best of all P has never judged me or anyone else for that matter.

This past Friday, G and I went to P & T’s place for dinner. The previous day, both of us were unable to come to a resolution about an important issue. At first I debated on whether or not I wanted to burden P because his plate is extremely full. But I couldn’t hold it in told G to explain the entire situation. P did not give us an answer. Better than that he asked the questions which lead me to the right answer.

Some of my close female friends have asked why don’t I go to them. I say because they will be biased in my favor in any argument if it involves G. Whereas with P, I know that he is completely impartial, completely logical, and quite possibly the smartest person I know (This one is up in the air though as I may just not know others as well as I know P).

I have grown to respect P more and more over the years. Part of the reason is due to the way P & T are raising their kids. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a kid person. And truth to be told I didn’t start liking P & T’s kids until they could actually carry on a sensible conversation. But that is not what draws me to their kids, A1(7-year-old) & A2(5-year-old).

It is because both A1 & A2 are extremely good natured. Even though we see them maybe 3 times a year, whenever we do see them A1 & A2 would come running up to us with hugs and kisses without any prompt from their parents. When it is time for us to leave they always present us with something to remember them by. My favorite is the painting of a neckless giraffe which is currently hanging on my fridge.  Additionally I also get a kiss and a big hug.

Furthermore A1 & A2 are not addicted to the smartphones, ipads, tv’s, or video games! Instead they are the kids that loves board games, going to playgrounds, and making stuff with their hands. To do this in this in our society today, I know how much of an effort and sacrifice P & T had to make. The dark circles under P’s eyes tells the story.

And despite that, P still makes time for my problems. It makes me feel that I have won the friendship lottery. So thanks P! Here is to many more decades of friendship.

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